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Lisa Kerpoe’s top 3 tips for working with resists  Leave your expectations behind and enjoy the  serendipity of the process.  The thrill of working with  resists is in the unveiling of the cloth after the resist is  washed out.  You never really know exactly what the  end result will be. Rather than trying to control it, delight in the unexpected! Read more . . . Try a variety of approaches with each resist. It is  easy to limit ourselves to one or two common  techniques.  For example, many textile artists are  familiar with using flour paste to achieve an overall  crackle pattern.  Other techniques, such as stenciling or monoprinting with flour paste are less common. The  resists are so versatile, take advantage of their full  potential! Read more . . . There are no rules - let your imagination soar and  explore the possibilities. Other than safety  guidelines, there are few imperatives when working with  resists.  Remain open to using the ingredients in an  unconventional manner.  You never know what you will  discover! Read more . . .
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