Visual Texture on Fabric is a comprehensive guide to the use of eight  water-based resists and seven techniques for applying them. With years of  experience experimenting and perfecting her techniques, Lisa Kerpoe  shares detailed instructions for mixing and applying the resists benefits and drawbacks of each resist tips to achieve success with each resist troubleshooting guidelines techniques to successfully remove the resists complete information on working with easy-to-use fiber reactive dyes The book is also a visual feast - with numerous full-color photographs of  cloth created with each technique.  A generous gallery section shows  finished artwork by the author and other textile artists. "No one knows more about the use of resists than Lisa. She spent years experimenting and perfecting these recipes - and committed to the true artist's test - using what she discovered in her own beautiful work! Lisa's discoveries will not only expand how we think about water-based resists, but all the processes related to them - from dyes to paints, and everything in between. It's exciting!"      Jane Dunnewold About the book Lisa’s fascination with resists began about eight years ago. While  exploring the use of resists, she found limited resources on the subject.  There were a few books with a chapter on some of the resists, but nothing  comprehensive…until now! A resist is simply a substance that is applied to cloth before dyeing or  painting.  The resist blocks the penetration of dye or paint, creating  beautiful patterning and texture. The concept of resist-dyeing goes back to ancient Egypt in the 4th century - and resist techniques are still widely  used all around the world for creating patterns on textiles.  Water-based  resists are particularly in demand for the artist and crafter at home,  because they are non-toxic, easy to find and easy to wash out…leaving  behind amazing layered patterns and colors on your fabrics. Lisa spent many hours experimenting to perfect her techniques and make  the unpredictable, magical process of resist-dyeing really enjoyable.  Read more about the author. The background story Copyright 2012, Lisa Kerpoe - All Rights Reserved
Visual Texture on Fabric, 96 pages C&T Publishing, $24.95